Friday, December 6, 2013

President Nelson Mandela

I can't say more than all the things that are being said about him in today's newspapers -- all around the world! I can only salute him and testify to my own admiration for him.
by Charlie Leck

He was a mere human. A man such as I. He had plenty of imperfections; however, he was brave and tough and recognized injustice and fought to overcome it. Those who love fairness, equality and hope for every man and woman will always salute him. It appears the entire world is doing that today!

Now he is among the stars, "triumphing over death, and chance and thee, O time!"

As Muhammad Ali said of him yesterday…

"His was a spirit born free, destined to soar above the rainbows. Today his spirit is soaring through the heavens. He is now forever free."


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