Friday, January 31, 2014

This & That from the Cold North Country

     We really are running out of places to put
     snow around our house. I wonder what
     it will be like when all this stuff melts.

Occasionally, I ramble! This is one of those blogs in which I just take on a number of issue (big and little) that have been on my mind lately; and perhaps, also, on yours.
by Charlie Leck
Everywhere I turn, I see dcusine advertised (including on Facebook and it’s all over the New York Times). It’s an on-line, frozen food dinner you can order that is supposed to be of significant culinary quality. Hmmm, I don’t know! We tried it here by ordering their short ribs for a main course and a butternut squash soup for a starter. The dinner arrives in about 4 days, frozen in high quality packaging. Total cost came to over 50 dollars and the dinner was only satisfactory. There are a half dozen places around town where I could have walked in and ordered a dinner to go that would have been notably better – including
D’Amico & Sons on Lake Street in Wayzata. For that matter, I could have gone right across the road and picked up a couple of dinners to go at Windsong Farm Golf Club, which has one of the best kitchens in the entire metro area. I first read about dcusine in American Express’ very fancy magazine (Departures). It was among the magazine’s 100 nods of the year. And, in all honestly, I’ve read another half-dozen very good reviews of the product but I’m always suspicious that such reviews might be tied somehow to the roots of the company. If you want to, try d’cuisine here.
The NFL settlement over concussions!
Remember Rayfield Wright, the defensive star of the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team. Juliet Macur, in the New York Times, has written a touching story about him and the concussions he suffered while he played football and what it’s done to his mind and memory. This is a really good review of what’s going on with the legal settlement of the National Football League’s Players Association claims about the serious damage done to former players. Judge Anita B. Brody has rejected the settlement and she claims that the amount of money that players would receive simply couldn’t really cover the cost of services that players will need or compensate them fairly for their injuries. The National Football League is, of course, not happy about the judges ruling.
This NY Times story is worth your time and attention.
The most influential gay and lesbian folks in Washington!
This is a remarkably informative collection of photographs of impactful same-sex political types in Washington, D.C.. Liberals, conservatives and those in between will find these photos and captions interesting.
They come from the Washington Post. These issues are not easy ones to understand for a 73 old guy (such as I) but they are extremely important and I’ve poured out my sympathy and support to gay and lesbian issues over the last 20 years.
Open Culture!
I’ve told dozens and dozens of my friends about this incredible web site. It has remained on my list of the 10 best web sites for the last decade – since I discovered it really. It’s loaded with interesting and compelling information. And, you can find books, photos, artistic work and all kinds of free things here. For example, take a look at this posting from January 26 – WHERE TO FIND FREE ART IMAGES & BOOKS FROM GREAT MUSEUMS, AND FREE BOOKS FROM UNIVERSITY PRESSES. I’m telling you, there is great stuff and enlightening information to be found on this web site. I always look in on it two or three times a week. You’ll find the web site at Always scroll down through it to see what’s going on and what’s available for that particular day.
For you foodies out there!
There are a lot of great places on the web for foodies to spend time, but, after examining hundreds of them over the years, my very favorites have come from the Dining & Wine section of the NY Times. Oh my, but there is good stuff here and always lots of wonderful videos, recipes and recommendations. Be sure to visit Dining and Wine in the Times. You’ll get to visit for free for a number of times before they begin hinting that you ought to be paying for the experience. And, take my word, paying for it is worth the price.
Record snows in my Minnesota
It’s gotten ridiculous. I’ve shoveled and pushed around more snow this year than I have in twenty-three years. Back then, being 23 years younger was a big difference. This year has been too much and I’m going to make arrangements for someone to shovel my walkways around the house from now on.

This is the way the road-sides look out and around the neighborhood. It's getting difficult for the plow-trucks to find a place to put the snow.


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