Friday, January 10, 2014

Getting the Gangsta Thing Wrong in NJ

A great bit by Jon Stewart on his show the other night really captured the foolishness of the bridge closing in New Jersey.
by Charlie Leck

Only in New Jersey (NJ) and yooze better believe it!
Somehow, for some strange reason, last September they closed down all but one lane of the highway that led to the George Washington Bridge. It was to retaliate for something unfavorable the mayor of Fort Lee, NJ did or didn’t do (like not supporting Christie for governor in the hot campaign this autumn). It caused an awful mess and backed traffic up as much as three hours. Did Chris Christie the Governor of NJ order the closing? He says no! If he did, Jon Stewart says it disreputable conduct and the mob could teach the Governor a thing or two about doing such things correctly! Let’s have no more third-rate corruption!

I laughed my head off at this video. You have to watch it. It is absolutely yummy. If you’re from NJ you’ll appreciate it even more.

Stewart says this was a disgraceful show of roughing someone up when it comes to Jersey corruption – “third rate corruption” he calls the Bridge scandal.

Stewart talks about 4 mayors of NJ cities being arrested at one time and charged with corruption in office. Then he shows a video clip of 5 rabbis being arrested at one time for financial corruption. The Governor’s actions were a disgrace to real NJ corruption. He is nothing but an amateur.

Watch the video below or go to the Comedy Central site to Find it here!

The New York Times says in an editorial this morning: “At this point, the governor has zero credibility.” I think I agree. I watched most of his press conference yesterday and his usual smoothness was not there. He was struggling to make his case – that he knew “nothing” about this vindictive action that his staff took.

By the way, wait until you see the January 20 cover of The New Yorker. It's terrific!

New Jersey and the mob!
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