Friday, August 9, 2013

Minnesota Nice Meets Jersey Boys

I wanted to go for a tougher, rougher title for this blog, but I also do not want to get hauled into court! So I took the gentle route.
by Charlie Leck

HEADLINE: Viking owner called some pretty bad names by a Judge in New Jersey.

Our Governor – that is, Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton – took to the microphones yesterday and urged a very thorough and nit-picking review and rereview of the state’s financial relationship and partnership with the NJ family that owns the Minnesota Vikings football team. The Governor wants to make sure that everything the family has been telling the public and their governmental partners is “truthful and accurate.”

This after the NJ judge, Superior Court Judge Deanne Wilson, had this, along with a whole-lot more to say about the owners of the Vikings…

“Their bad faith and evil motive were demonstrated in the testimony of Zygi Wilf himself.”

You can almost hear the screeching going on in the Manhattan office of the National Football League. This doesn’t fit the league’s image. They can duck a situation like a New England Patriot player being hauled off to jail on a murder charge with serious implications that he may have committed two murders. That was not the actions of an owner.

Now, however, Zygi Wilf is being portrayed as one of those Soprano type people by a judge who is highly respected.

Zygi, we need to hear more from you on this matter. So far there have been only the soft and reassuring statements from the Minnesota Vikings’ front office that none of this has anything to do with the Wilf’s relationship with our glorious and beloved football team.

Yeh? Are you sure? What about a half-billion dollar agreement we’ve got with the Wilf family. Is that something Zygi just might decide, in his own mind one of these days, was not a fair agreement and that the people of Minnesota got too good a deal? Listen, I’m no longer just so certain about these deals we’ve put together with those Jersey guys. I grew up in that area as a child and I have written several times on this blog about how NJ isn’t anything like Minnesota Nice. No! No! Far from it! We could be innocents being led to slaughter! I mean it!

The governor was correct to stand up yesterday and call for a full and complete review of our legal contracts with the Wilf family. Those criticizing him for this statement are crazy. Let’s take a new, fresh and careful look at what the Wilfs have agreed to and what we’ve agreed to as well.

An innocent, simple Minnesota guy could get skinned pretty bad by one of those slickers from Jersey. Believe you me!

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Here’s how Justncase80 defined Minnesota Nice in the on-line urban dictionary (see).

“Minnesota Nice is what you would call someone from Minnesota who goes out of their way to be too nice. Even in a situation where they could be justified in being angry and upset they will remain pleasant. Usually used in a sentence cynically to describe someone who was the exact opposite… ‘…wow, he isn't exactly Minnesota nice. He shouldn’t be so rude!”   [Justincase80]

 Zygi? Well, he isn't exactly Minnesota Nice. Think of him more as a soprano from Jersey.

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