Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bachmann Tattle-Tale

A book about some of the naughty things Michele Bachmann is supposed to have done during her brief and failed presidential bid has hit the market.
by Charlie Leck

I just thought you ought to know about this e-book that outlines the nasty infighting going on among these evangelicals. I’m not recommending you buy it. I certainly won’t. However, if you have a Kindle book reader and an Amazon account, you can get it on-line.

It’s called Bachmannistan! Now, isn’t that a clever title. It’s written by the rightly reverend Peter Waldron with help from attorney John Gilmore.

Just remember that I told you Ms. Bachmann was a has-been long before she officially was. I could write a book!

Just picture this scene described in the book: On the advice of her psychologist husband, Ms. Bachmann is standing before a mirror saying, “I am the President of the United States!” I understand it is one of the more exciting sections in the book. Frightening, but exciting!

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