Friday, August 30, 2013


Here we go again! We’re takin’ the show on the road again! Getting’ our feet wet again! All for the ol’ WMD...  I’ll get serious. War rides upon the wind again!
by Charlie Leck

I want to believe Secretary of State John Kerry. I think I do believe him. He is an honest and honorable man. However, I believed Colin Powell as well. And, I remember the night that the planes flew over Bagdad, raining down terror and destruction, and began our horrible war against Iraq. In the coming months the air cleared and certainties became less certain and then less and less certain; and finally they became not only uncertain but untrue. Colin Powell did not lie. He is too good a man to do that. He was fed erroneous and misleading information, however.

It has turned out, in the eyes and minds of most reasonable people, that our invasion of Iraq was one of the most serious foreign policy mistakes ever made by our nation.

It now seems certain that America will take military action against Syria. The promise is that it will be very limited. We claim that it will be supported by our allies. Yet, the British parliament has denied permission for Prime Minister David Cameron to get involved. France is cool. Germany is silent. Russian is angry!

You are watching the news as intensely as I. There is no need for me to get analytical here. I write only to express my trepidations and fears.

Isn’t there some way to pressure the leaders of the government of Syria that would not require military actions? Must there always be violence? Why doesn’t the United Nations function more successfully? Must there always be madness? Why aren’t we involving the Nonviolent Peaceforce?

Secretary of State Kerry gave clear reasons for our coming attack. The Syrian government crossed a red line that had been drawn for it by our president. It was clear that Kerry was telling us that we, as a government, cannot let that happen. If we let it happen here, then we would be forced to let it happen anywhere.

Oh, my! The madness of it all!

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  1. One does not draw a red line and then seek support of other nations after it is crossed.