Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekends with Grandkids

     Uncle Warner shows up and the kids have
     another to play with them.

There is no better way to spend a weekend than with grandkids at hand, under foot and asking for favors.
by Charlie Leck

There are several topics of a rather erudite nature about which I had planned to write this morning; however, there are grandchildren in the house this morning – all four of them – and my usual quiet time is joyously supplanted by the sound of children’s voices: “Grandpa, can we have some Lucky Charms? Grandpa, are these strawberries for us?”

It’s a magical, wonderful sound and it makes me dig deep so I can move more quickly up and down the stairways and across the length of the house.

I was going to write a blog this morning called: Cared for by Angels! It would have been about the various wildernesses we face in life, much as Christ did himself. Boring! Grandkids are ever so much more fun.

Right now, the children are playing with the four dogs, chasing them across the hardwood floors, sliding this way and that. The laughing and screaming is intense, like a cacophony from a major orchestra (and it will get marvelous reviews for its beauty and depth).

Tomorrow the house will go quiet and get boring; then I shall write again of meaty matters.

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