Monday, September 2, 2013

Radical Islam and Syria

The major enemies in Syria are Russia and religion; and you might add Iran and a relentless, secular government that is definitely not of the people.
by Charlie Leck

Our government is only half serious about solving the desperately cruel problem of murder and mayhem in Syria. It’s a tough one – this problem! I can’t imagine our Congress deciding what to do about it when it can’t decide what to do about fixing our own nation’s roads and bridges. Our Congress is broken. In our elections here, in 2014, the people must rise up against it.

Here’s why Syria frightens us so!

Our major hesitations have to do with religion and radical Islam.
What happens, we ask ourselves, if a religious government is put in place in Syria? What happens if it turns out to be a mean and nasty religious government (radical Islam) that has no patience or place for divisions of faith that don’t agree with its own? And then what happens if this religious order has a certain sympathy for world terrorists that want to attack secular nations. (America is a secular nation in spite of the beliefs of some that it is a Christian nation!)

No one in our government will admit to this concern because it borders on a matter of race relations as well.

Another of our concerns has to do with Russia.
Russia likes Syria. Russia uses Syria, through which it can ship weapons to the enemies of Israel. The Russian government still hates America, though it pretends not to. Russia raises bellicose threats against us regarding what we might do in Syria. “Hands off,” they say! “Leave it to be settled by the people.” This is only another way of allowing Assad, the Syrian dictator, to murder more and more people. More than 100,000 civilians have already been killed. There are more than one million refugees. It’s amazing how silent most of America’s international peace organizations are about all this. They are afraid of radical Islam also.

In the end, Russia really doesn’t scare us that much. Islamic terrorists do!

Then there is Iran!
What would Iran do if we instituted any kind of military attack against Syria? Probably nothing, but the thought causes us to hesitate. Iran is slowly changing and moving more and more toward secularism in its government. We like that and we are watching the development closely. We don’t want anything to upset the apple cart.

So, in the end
it is religion (radical Islam) that frightens us. We don’t need a new breeding place for terrorists. It is difficult, however, to talk about this subject. One doesn’t want to seem opposed to “freedom of religion and religious thought.” What if a people freely chooses to institute a religious government?

Religious Wars!
Nothing frightens me more than the thought of vast religious wars fought across the globe. A radical religion, which wants to convert everyone around the world to its own religion because it claims this is the wish of its God, really does scare the bejeebers out of me. I would be frightened of such a religion if it were Christian, Islamic or Wassmassso. The super religious “are irrational – that’s all there is to that. Their heads are full of cotton, hay and rags. They’re nothing but exasperating, irritating and infuriatingly mad!”

America will tread lightly!
An attack on the government of Syria is mighty dangerous. We are going to be damned if we do or if we don’t and that’s a guaranty.

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Robert Reich writes brilliantly about why we should not attack Syria... just one more time, without real resolve or purpose! I urge you to read it here.

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  1. Sad to think that religion can be responsible for mayhem and murder. The whole situation is mind bogging and really scary. Its going to be easy to second guess Obama but that would be true no matter who was in the Oval Office.