Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Republican Conservatives Really Want

Bernie Sanders is one of the politicians I admire most in this nation. He is a U.S. Senator from Vermont, a brilliant speaker and a fellow with a marvelous, dry sense-of-humor. He can also get very serious and very angry, however, and he rose to that on Facebook this morning. I read his post with great interest…
by Charlie Leck

Congressional Republicans are threatening to shut down the federal government next Tuesday unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded. The truth is that they’re just warming up and some of their other ideas are even further “off the deep end,” Sen. Bernie Sanders told radio host Bill Press on Tuesday. In a Senate floor speech, Sanders detailed a Republican to-do list that ranges from abolishing Social Security, privatizing VA health care, getting rid of the EPA, junking the minimum wage and more. Those and other proposals, the senator said, are detailed in the Texas Republican Party platform.” [U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders]

Take a look at this video of Senator Sanders’ speech on the floor of the Senate about the 2012 Texas Republican party platform…

Here’s a list of some of the things that that party platform calls for… and it is similar to the conservative Republican Party all over the county…

Phase out the Social Security System
Privatize Veterans Health Care
Abolish all federal programs not listed in the U.S. Constitution
Close down the Environmental Protection Agency
Repeal the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (ending progressive taxation)
End Capital Gains Tax and Estate Tax
Repeal the minimum wage law!

This platform reflects the thinking of the new conservative Republican movement. It is a policy that would be tragic for the low-income people of America. It simply calls for us to become a government that doesn’t care. It establishes a society of in-fighting and “get what you can get for yourself and the rest of the nation be damned.”

Earlier in the week, here’s what Senator Sanders had to say…

“House Republicans are trying to undo the Affordable Care Act, throw millions of children and the elderly off food stamps and continue across-the-board sequestration cuts that have slashed Head Start, Meals on Wheels, home heating assistance and other programs. That’s just the agenda for this week when the Republicans are using the threat of a government shutdown on Oct. 1 to try to get their way… What you’re talking about is the incredible cruelty and arrogance of a party representing the wealthy and the powerful to punish the poor and working people… These are bullies who are beating up on helpless people… They don’t impress me.”

Shout it out to your Senators and Representatives, wherever you live! Tell them to stop the nonsense and get on with governing. Shutting down our government will have serious consequences, once again, on our fragile economy!

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