Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Embarrassingly Drunken, Reeling Political Party

Tom Toles is my current favorite newspaper cartoonist. He’s very insightful and his stuff is often very cutting. You can take a look at some of his recent work, including a cartoon mentioned below, on the Washington Post web site (go here).
by Charlie Leck

A Tom Toles cartoon, that appeared in the last week or so in the Washington Post, shows an inebriated elephant lying drunk on the edge of an abyss, a broken champagne glass near him, there on the ground. A tiny caption says: “Drunk on ideology!” A bit larger caption says: “Socially Awkward!”

It’s amazing how a cartoon can speak paragraphs and paragraphs. I could blather on here, writing line after line, saying the same thing that the cartoon says in just a little 4 by 4 inch square. Again I say, amazing!

I wish Republicans, socially responsible and clear thinking Republicans, would speak out about the current state of their historic and formerly responsible party. It might do some good. I hate seeing it sprawled into insignificance – and down and out – in such an unsightly way. This is the formerly glorious party of some of America’s finest statesmen and problem solvers. If they are watching from their places in the stars, they must be cringing!

I’ve written here, too many times, about how the Grand Old Party is broken and dismembered. I won’t do it further. The party needs serious and immediate attention.

Tom Toles is about 62 years of age. He won the Pulitzer in 1990 for editorial cartooning. He also won National Cartoonist Society’s Editorial Cartoon Award in 2003. His cartoons appear in more than 200 newspapers around the nation. He graduated from the University of Buffalo (magna cum laude)

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