Friday, September 27, 2013

Corker vs. Lee and Cruz in the Senate

It’s quite a sight in the Senate of the United States – that is, seeing these Republicans fighting each other while the nation stands shaking its collective head.
by Charlie Leck

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, has been making an utter fool of himself all week. The man is a Tea Party dandy. Take note of him. He’s a nobody trying to beat the rap. He’ll try anything to pursue his moment of fame. The nation be damned, Ted Cruz is going to have his fifteen minutes in the spotlight. He’s got a couple of buddies in this silly fight. One of them is U.S. Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah. Take note of him, too. He’s also dancing to the jukie* beat.

*Juke [jook],           verb, juked, juking
     1. To make a move intended to deceive
     2. A fake or feint, usually intended to deceive

These two dandies, neither of which has contributed a wit to any significant legislation in the U.S. Senate, are now poised to shut down the government of the United States – “come heller high water,” as they say in Texas.

To them – to these two irrelevants – it’s a matter of blocking a health care proposal that will bring medical insurance to people all over America who have not previously been able to afford such coverage. This is a breakthrough of immense proportions and consequence in America. Of course, to these two numb-nuts it seems like a serious violation of a person’s right to be sick and unable to get care. It appears true that one cannot even come close to calculating the amount of stupidity and ignorance in the national Tea Party movement.

The question: Bring the government and economy of the United States of America to its knees or stop the movement to bring the freedom of and to healthcare for Americans of all status.

You just can’t imagine anything a Tea Party politician wouldn’t do if elected!

Another Republican, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (Tennessee) rose in the chamber to accuse Cruz of turning all of this “into a show” for his supporters from the Tea Party movement.

Of the conservative Republicans, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Utah said…

“They’re in this ditch, and they want to get out of it, but they keep digging deeper and deeper and deeper. And this ditch – they can hardly see out of the top of it now – I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republicans of the Congress of the United States are now in the center ring for your viewing pleasure. Watch how many of them can come crawling out of that little car! You will notice that a few of them have completely lost their jelly beans!

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