Tuesday, June 23, 2009

51 Years Ago

Sweet Marion and Frankie Pasqualle (always laughing)

It was 51 years ago this month that I graduated from good, old Roxbury High. Imagine!
by Charlie Leck

It is easy for us to say it; yet it so unalterably and starkly true: "How quickly the years slide by!"

Young people don't give a damn because they're living young; yet, they too will be here where I am in nothing flat. Is there a message in it? Only one and it is not a hedonistic one: "Don't fritter away opportunities to do what is right and good! Don't neglect the wholesome and worthy!"

A flood of photographs came in from my high school reunion. I thought I'd share a few with you -- none of me, but of my mates who were all so young, handsome and pretty and athletic then.

Julia and Marion: I had unbelievable crushes on both these pretty girls!

Joanie, the flashy drum majorette of our marching band.

Ronnie, our first baseman and the sweetest swinger you'd ever see!

One of many tables in the old gym for the 50 year reunion:
Sitting on the left is George, one of the captains of our football team, and his wife, Gretchen, a girl from my hometown. They are both Methodist ministers now. Keith Ralston and his wife are standing on the left and next to them is a classmate Sandy who married another classmate, Jack, standing next to her. Allan is standing on the right and his wife is in front of him.

Andrea, and Nick and Peg (who married a few years after graduation)

Lois, Jack and Val -- the girls look excited to see each other!

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