Sunday, June 28, 2009


The State Supreme Court of Minnesota is beginning to piss me off!
by Charlie Leck

I’m sitting here in Minnesota minus a U.S. Senator. Can I claim to be disenfranchised? I certainly am unrepresented or under-represented. I’m mad as hell about it and I’m not going to take this anymore!

Who’s to blame? The Secretary of State? Former Senator Norm Coleman? The miserable jerks who couldn’t figure out how to fill out an absentee ballot correctly? Al Franken, for not running a good enough campaign that would have avoided such a close race?

I gone through all those targets. They’ve each gotten a heavy dose of my rage.

I attended a bash for Franken last night. Al stood before us and gave a speech that was half comedy gig and half sincere apologies for leaving the state with only one Senator in Washington. It was an entirely unsatisfactory speech. It wasn’t funny and the apologies didn’t ring true; yet, Al walked off with the money we paid down on his legal bills.

I walked across the street to the wonderful Chambers Hotel and had a drink served up by a half-naked bar lady who sensed my burning rage. After I explained, she said it seemed more a problem with a lazy Supreme Court than anything else.

Ah, hah! Now I’m starting to get focused on a real target and, maybe, the right target for all this wrath I’m feeling. I think that bartender with the remarkable chest had it right.

What the living hell is the Minnesota Supreme Court doing anyway? Or, is it anyhow? They’re fiddling while Rome is burning.

Sure they want to be careful about the way this decision of theirs is written, but, honestly Hannah, they ought to have been able to put something together by now. It’s been nearly a month – another month that I’ve been without my full complement of U.S. Senators.

Listen, you big, pompous jerks, get off your soft butts and get a decision out here to us so we can take the next necessary steps to get this problem solved.

I know you think you’re a very important and revered body and all that rubbish. You’re not, you know! You’re just one more cog in the giant wheel of government that must function smoothly in order that the whole wheel continues to turn smoothly. Someone over there ought to be kicking butt to get this decision written and out the door to the public. Either give us a new Senator or point us in the next direction we must go to get one.

I’m not kidding about this. I’m one angry dude and now I'm turning my rage on you ladies and gentlemen?

You know, I might make a habit of stopping at the Chambers Hotel for a drink. They've got this bartender there that you just wouldn't believe.

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