Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Minnesota’s Governor has raised our taxes dramatically in spite of his pledge!
by Charlie Leck

It – this pledge not to raise taxes – has been an obsession with him – our Governor here in Minnesota. Nevertheless, he is about to do it and we’re all going to get hit right between the eyes.

Minnesota’s legislature passed a budget at the end of its session this year that would have required a significant hike in taxes across the board – that is, both corporate and personal and sales taxes. That’s not surprising when one takes into account “the condition our condition is in.”

However, our Governor took the pledge some time ago. He pledged NEVER to raise taxes.

So, instead, the Governor began to slash and he cut out this and he cut out that. Aid to local communities and school funding were among the items lacerated. The big cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul took it the hardest, losing nearly 4 percent of their state funds this year and nearly 7 percent next year. Local communities lost significant amounts of funds also.

So guess what they – these cities and communities – must do? To balance their budgets and pay their bills – to keep fire and police protection and basic cities services going – they must raise taxes.

Now the question becomes this: Who has raised our taxes?

At the state level there would have been creative and progressively fair ways to increase income. At the local level there are far fewer choices. Property taxes must go up!

Thanks, Gov, for keep you absolutely stupid, idiotic pledge! You’re bustin’ my chops!

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