Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sam’s Blog

Sometimes the best favor I can do for you is to send you somewhere else.
by Charlie Leck

I’ve a neighbor just down the Luce Line (that’s a recreation trail that runs right through our farm and goes about 16 miles to the East and 60 or so miles to the west), who writes an occasional blog that I like to follow. His writing is sharp and so are his insights. Occasionally one of his blogs is extra-special and that’s the case with his latest post (And, he’s left handed!).

I really recommend it to you; for, Sam is pointing to the only possible way to solve the Mideast problem that the Israeli people have with the Arab States of the region. It’s not an easy path or a popular one and it would require that the people of Israel swallow real hard, but it is realistically the only way out of the constant violence.

Don’t miss the comments appended to the blog. They’re intriguing.

[read Sam’s Blog, Prairie Ponderings, about Obama’s leadership in world affairs]

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