Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The former Vice President is wrong, wrong, wrong – and so are his facts (or lack of them)!
by Charlie Leck

Lately we’ve had the former Vice President, Richard Cheney, running around and screaming about the sky falling. “It really is,” Cheney pleads with listeners, “it really is. The sky is falling! The sky is falling.”

Frank Rich calls it pushing “poison” and says it best in his NY Times column:

“The Republicans at least have an excuse for pushing this poison. They are desperate. The trio of Pillsbury doughboys now leading the party — Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Cheney — have variously cemented the G.O.P.’s brand as a whites-only men’s club by revoking Colin Powell’s membership and smearing the first Latina Supreme Court nominee as a “reverse racist.” Republicans in Congress have no plausible economic, health care or energy policies to counter Obama’s. The only card left to play is 9/11.”

The former Vice President is not acting with the dignity his post in retirement commands. Instead he’s acting like a spoiled brat who can’t get over the complete rejection of his war-time policies by the American people.

By the way, though I agree with Rich’s sentiments, I think it is a terrible insult to equate them with the Pillsbury Doughboy – an insult, that is, to the Doughboy.

Just remember, this is the same man, this Richard Cheney, who was running around the nation in 2002 and 2003, crying out to us that the sky was falling – that the sky was falling – that the sky was falling and that Iraq had a massive stockpile of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Oh, yes! Now you remember.

Back then, a couple of damned good reporters, in the McClatchy newspaper system, reported with great accuracy that the Vice President was wrong, wrong, wrong! [read it]

Now, the same reporters write about the 10 big, big lies in Cheney’s current stump-speech about Obama’s Iraq policy and the President’s stand on ending torture. [read it]

Mr. Cheney is doing nothing to repair the terrible image with which he left office; rather, the former Vice President is making matters worse. This man was one terrible leader. He presented a visage of hatred and rigidity. His world-wide image was a terrible one that did the U.S. absolutely no good. He is doing the nation absolutely no good right now. He should sit down and shut up!

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