Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The only way a revolution in Iran can work is if the U.S. butts out completely!
by Charlie Leck

“Officials” in Iran have admitted voter ”errors.” It wasn’t serious, however. At least that’s what these “officials” are saying. Let’s see, in 50 different cities in the nation more votes were counted than there were voters. At the moment they are saying that only 3 million ballots are at issue. This admission will do nothing to slow down the protests in the streets of Iran’s major cities.

The faces of a revolution are lining up in Iran. The most significant face is probably that of Iran’s women. This is symbolized by this week’s sad and unfortunate killing of Ned Agha-Soltan. You can actually watch her death on You Tube if you’ve got the stomach; however, I’m not going to provide a link for you to do so. She was an innocent. She was not a protestor. She was caught in the proverbial and also real crossfire. Yet, she is now a symbol for change in Iran. Women want to be free. They want to be equal. They want to be first class.

My particular opinion, and perhaps it’s because I have four daughters, is that women in revolution are going to win. Men may back down in fear or even in sensibility. Women will not back down.

The important thing about a revolution in Iran is that the U.S. cannot be linked to it. There must be no evidence that our nation has assisted or even encouraged revolutionary forces there. If such a charge could be proved, the rebellion will fail. For this reason, I am completely sold on President Obama’s current and carefully stated policy to stand clear of the action.

We may not see clear results of this revolution in the coming months. It may even be years before we see the impact that the current rebellion will have on that nation. It is coming, however – the day of change and enlightenment and human freedom is coming to Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cannot stop it.

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