Thursday, June 11, 2009

SHE'S A... A... A... (it rhymes with WITCH)

Michelle Bachman just doesn't get it!
by Charlie Leck

One of the greatest disappointments I had in the 2008 elections was that Michelle Bachman got reelected. I've spent plenty of time analyzing why that happened. She just has too, too many far right conservatives and religious nut-cases up there and they really don't stay on top of significantly important issues. They get their news from very biased and simpleton sources. We've got to get more of the informed and sensible people to the voting booth.

Lately Bachman has been taking on ACORN, an organization you will discover to be quite remarkable and important if you really look into it. Here are a couple of things you might look at if you want to know what ACORN really does and doesn't do.
Go to the ACORN web page and go to About Acorn to see how active and effective the organization is.

Here's where you can explode myths and get the truth about ACORN -- a place where Michelle Bachman has not spent any time.

Watch this Brave New Films video about ACORN.

And, here's ACORN's Minnesota web page!
Finally, here's a letter from one of Minnesota's ACORN organizers that was originally sent to Andy Driscoll, a local journalist and radio commentator on KFAI -- Truth to Tell.

Dear Andy,

I'm getting tired of Michele Bachmann's smears.

Families are losing their homes in the foreclosure crisis every day. But you wouldn't know that from listening to her.

The crisis is worse in her district than anywhere else in the state of Minnesota -- her district has more foreclosures than any other. But instead of focusing on helping families stay in their homes -- the Congresswoman continues to launch attack after attack on ACORN.

That's what we're dealing with here in Minnesota, where Bachmann would rather continue her witch-hunt campaign against ACORN -- which has been more successful at helping families keep their homes than any other organization -- than focus her energies on helping the nation get out of our foreclosure mess.

And I've had enough. ACORN is working hard to help families avoid foreclosures so they can keep their homes by pushing for widespread mandatory mediation and -- when necessary -- by peacefully blocking access to homes through Home Defenders. We at ACORN do this work day in and day out.

And what does Congresswoman Michele Bachmann do? She introduces an amendment targeted at de-funding ACORN. It's a purely political move, and it won't work. But it takes our time, our energy, and our already-sparse resources away from doing the work that is saving homes in Minnesota and all across America.

This mean-spirited campaign doesn't just hurt ACORN. It hurts families. When Bachmann picks on ACORN, she picks on me and on you, and on every family that is being helped by our efforts to combat foreclosures -- including the residents of her own district who have been hardest hit by the crisis. It's one thing for Bachmann to twiddle her thumbs when it comes to making a real difference for the people being hurt by this foreclosure crisis. But it's something else entirely to try to stop the very organization that is working hardest to protect families and their homes. It's wrong -- plain and simple.

You've stood with us in the past. Please tell your friends that you stand with ACORN -- and that their support will make us strong.

Thank you for supporting us so that we can keep doing the work that matters most -- saving homes.

Akaluck Nurack
Head Organizer
Minnesota ACORN

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