Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quiet on the Home Front

This is Rowan. He celebrated his 5th birthday with us here in Minnesota.

The Grandkids have come and gone and, now, all is quiet on the home front!
by Charlie Leck

It was a wonderful week. The grandkids were here -- all four of them -- along with their parents. Five of our six children were here for a time over the long weekend. It was very pleasant to see them all -- along with our sons-in-law, too.

Tomorrow I can get back to some serious blogging. For now, I'll just give you a little photographic look at the exhausting weekend.

Daphne, Anna, Rowan and Caroline are ready for the fireworks show!

Anna at the Maple Maze at the Maple Grove Community Center

Sweet Caroline!

Rowan and his mom tackle the candles on the Spider Man cake!

Jim Deiters stands between Jenny (left) and Erika (right) along with the four grandkids.

David, with his two children, Rowan and Daphne at Underworld World at the Mall of America

Cousin Gretchen with Lisa and Jenny at Lisa's birthdy party

Daphne right after eating a chocolate-cream cheese cupcake!

Grandma reading to Daphne -- looking at pictures actually

Daphne at the end of the day!

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