Monday, June 15, 2009


The constant spewing of hate-talk from right wing talking heads breeds violence rather than debate.
by Charlie Leck

Here is what Shepard Smith, of FOX News, said:

“If you’re one who believes that abortion is murder, at what point do you go out and kill someone who’s performing abortions?... If you are one who believes these sorts of things about the President of the United States – [silence].”
I don’t think Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Shaun Hannity or Glen Beck understand the potential of the violence they might unleash with their hate talk.

It is one thing to report news and to make commentary about news – and that is what they will claim they are doing in reaction to those who charge they are inciting violence – however, it is quite another thing to do it with clear tones of hatred and moral judgment in your voice – in your delivery.

Remember? For weeks before Doctor George Tiller was murdered by a right-wing nut-case, Bill O’Reilly had bludgeoned the doctor unmercifully on show after show. He called him “Tiller the baby killer.” O’Reilly further compared Doctor Tiller to the Nazi doctor “Mengele.”

It is very easy to assume that the bastard of a man who entered a church and gunned down Doctor Tiller was inspired by the hate talk of O’Reilly and other spreaders of loathing and detestation.

I ask you only to quietly contemplate this: The right wing hate spewers are now raging against President Barack Obama.

Disagreement with Obama is one thing. Working against Obama is another acceptable thing. Voting him out of office is part of the American way. Inciting dangerous violence against him is damnable.

Our President is a good, compassionate, caring and completely decent man. To verbally portray him as a dangerous enemy is contemptible.

What has the President done to incite such bitterness from the right wing thinkers? He has promised change. Change has always made the staunch conservative uneasy and nervous. Change deals with the unknown. Change threatens current levels of comfort. Change is the opposite of strict conservatism.

Glen Beck hastened to describe Doctor Tiller’s murderer as an Obama hating killer and thus drew the line between abortion doctors and the President.

Have you any idea where such talk could lead some other deranged person out there who is listening to this hatred?

There is one example after another of this kind of careless and dangerously inciting talk coming out of FOX News on the web page of FOX News, which encourages us all to boycott the stupid, idiotic news channel.

No worry about me boycotting these low-downs because I get sick to my stomach when I hear them go on and on. How do these hate-mongers manage to sleep at night?

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