Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is a great summer recipe that will make you feel guilty as hell!

by Charlie Leck

One of my daughters -- the one who lives out in Portland, Oregon -- the national capitol of progressivism, tree hugging and the fresh, local and organic food movement -- writes a wonderful blog called EAT WELL. I really enjoy it and she posts lots of wonderful recipes about fresh and healthy eating.

I'm presenting you today with a recipe that won't make the grade in her blog, but it is a fantastic summer, informal and sinful hamburger. If you like hamburgers you're going to love this one!

I call it "the incredible egg and cheese topped pepper burger." To cook four burgers my way you'll need to have a pound of good, lean hamburger, four hamburger buns, a half cup of chopped peppers (your choice and taste), 1 medium thinly sliced pepper, 4 eggs, a wedge of brie or Gorgonzola cheese (I love the Gorgonzola), lettuce leaves, salt, pepper, mayo and ketchup.

Here's how you do it!

  1. Heat up the grill (outdoors preferably)

  2. Brown a variety of peppers in a fry pan on your stove top

  3. Mix pepper in with the ground beef and form 4 patties

  4. Brown slices of onion

  5. Put burgers on the hot grill and grill to medium

  6. Top burgers with a wedge of the cheese for last 2 minutes

  7. Fry four eggs over easy as the burgers grill

  8. Remove burgers from grill and put on the buns and on platter

  9. Put dab of Mayo on each burger and top with fried onions

  10. Top that with a section of the over-easy fried egg

  11. Top all that with a very thin slice of tomato and small leaf of lettuce

Serve with a super potato salad and chilled hamburger pickles and serve with ketchup, mustard, salt and pepper available as toppers.

Yum! Notice that I didn't salt for health purposes and leave that up to the diner.

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