Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ass-Backwards War

What did we expect, anyway? Start a war based on a lie and you got nothin’ but troubles ahead – lots and lots of troubles.
by Charlie Leck
I was in the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, looking into a mirror and trying to get a white tie straight and decently presentable. I was heading off to a men’s club meeting just off Fifth Avenue. In the mirror, I could see the reflection of the TV behind me when the first pictures of the war in Iraq came to life. Thus, that war began all ass-backwards.
I hate war. I think war should be avoided at all costs – if at all possible. Yet, I had relented based on the frightening predictions made by the George W. Bush administration about the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq was hoarding. Even one of the guys I admired most, General Colin Powell, had stood before the United Nations and assured the world that Iraq had to be invaded because of these dangerous weapons that threatened the safety of the world. I would hold my tongue. I would not protest!
Well, check the news this morning! It’s come full circle. Wars very rarely lead to anything good. That one led America into financial crisis and international disfavor and it found no weapons of mass destruction. And, in spite of what John McCain tries to say, the war also led us into an awfully large loss of life and horrendous injury to thousands and thousands of soldiers.
And now that land is in enormous crisis again and there are the McCains of the world calling for us to return.
No! No! No! Not again! I can see images of the future should we go back to Iraq and they are all ugly.


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