Monday, June 16, 2014

Let’s Debate What U.S. Should Do in Iraq!

As the national debate about Iraq and what the U.S. should do rages on – interrupted occasionally by idiots like John McCain – the New York Times shows us the intelligent level to which the debate really ought to rise.
by Charlie Leck
As Ramzy Mardini, Atlantic Council, says in his argument,…
“Indeed, it was the U.S. invasion and occupation that unleashed the problem of Sunni and Shiite militancy in Iraq. Thus, any U.S. approach against terrorism that is defined by military power ends up misdiagnosing the problem: insurgencies and terrorism are not causually derived from an absence of security; they are rather manifested from deep social, political and economic ills.”
The New York Times debate features the opinions of seven well qualified experts of foreign and international relations. If you want to try to understand this issue from both sides and the middle, this is the place to begin. The following presentations are well worth the time you will devote to reading them. It will help you think through this issue logically and from an informed foundation.
Don’t take your leads from John McCain. The Senator, as he grows older, doesn’t think before he shoots off his mouth. He’s no longer the wise moderate conservative he once was. He’s confused now and thinks military action before all else these days. Thank goodness we have a reasonable president right now.
We don’t need fast, shoot-from-the-hip reactions at this critical moment. We just finished wasting billions of dollars in Iraq and we made dozens of diplomatic mistakes as we wasted away that money. And we brought home thousands of seriously injured troops.
Americans are quick to blame President Obama for leaving Iraq before the time was right. We must remember that it was President Bush (George W.) who signed the papers agreeing to leave that nation – and not President Obama.
Read the above positions and you’ll realize that this is not an easy issue with easy solutions. None of the statements are overly long. They will be satisfying even when you disagree with them because they are well-thought-out comments that propose reasonable and sensible actions. After reading them I feel less worrisome about what is happening over there. The world is not coming to an end!
“Iraq needs a major political reform that works against a tyranny of the Shiite majority. It also needs a system that encourages political alliances across religious and ethnic divisions. Because the roots of the crisis are political, military intervention alone cannot resolve it. Restitution should be made to Sunnis who lost everything in the civil war of 2006 and 2007. More, Iraq needs a new prime minister, one willing to be inclusive of the Sunni-Arab population.
Juan Cole, historian at the University of Michgan


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