Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Many Reasons Trump Should Be Turned Away!

Here’s your chance to see a thorough and carefully compiled list of the reasons Donald Trump should be soundly defeated in November. I like Keith Olbermann’s style and he outdoes himself here.
by Charlie Leck

In a Gentlemen’s Quarterly column, Keith Olbermann listed 176 reasons why Donald Trump should not be elected President. Here are a few of them. You can find the rest on-line.

“The Emperor's New Clothes quality to the Trump campaign has survived these 15 months because, as we react to each outrage, our shock and revulsion have been refracted like light through a prism. But these outrages are not separate events, not even a pattern. They are, simply, Donald Trump. Seen all at once, they—and he—are horrifying. You must see them all at once. Thus—in brief—the story so far:” 
(Below are the first 7 of his 176 reasons.)
·         The Republican party has actually nominated for president a man who attacked the Pope.

·         Who attacked John McCain for being captured by the North Vietnamese.

·         Who attacked Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan and then juxtaposed their names with the phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

·         Who attacked Hillary Clinton as a “bigot.” Who attacked her as “brainwashed.” As “unhinged.” As “a monster.” As “the devil.” As “the most corrupt candidate ever”—showing her face on piles of hundred-dollar bills and the Star of David.

·         Who attacked her as someone whom “Second Amendment people” should do something about. As someone whose religion “we don’t know anything about”—after he explained he had never asked God for forgiveness.

·         Who attacked President Obama and implied he was a traitor. Who attacked him as having been complicit in the Orlando terrorist attack. Who attacked him for having lower approval ratings than Vladimir Putin, as if Putin’s could be trusted. Who attacked him as being born in another country. Who attacked him as the founder of ISIS, then said it was sarcasm, then said it wasnt sarcasm, then attacked him again as the founder of ISIS.

·         Who attacked Carly Fiorina for her face; Hillary Clinton for her non-presidential “look”; Heidi Cruz for herappearance; Megyn Kelly for having “blood coming out of her wherever”; Mika Brzezinski as “crazy and very dumb,” “neurotic,” “not very bright.”

I hope you’ll read the rest of these reasons in Olbermann’s column. It is just all too, too true.


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