Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We’re Just a Bunch of Suckers

It is quite amazing that we are going to allow Donald Trump to run for such a powerful office without the public knowing what his foreign business dealings have been in the past and without him providing information about his federal income taxes. Let me tell you this: we’re all just a bunch of suckers.
by Charlie Leck

Let’s suppose the man is a fraud! Why? Perhaps he’s been telling the IRS that he has not been making any money for the last ten years and that he’s in debt up to his ears. Perhaps he can’t hold on to his property very much longer without an infusion of significant cash. Suppose that he’s paying his office rent these days on the contributions his campaign is receiving – using that money as rent to pay campaign costs while they are really helping to pay the high costs of his phony businesses (there have been some indications that this might be true). Maybe he’s not doing any such thing! Why can’t we find out?

Let’s suppose, for just a moment, that he has a fortune invested with a bunch of Russian oligarchs. Who knows? We don’t! We don’t know because he won’t provide the information we must have to know just what he and his business is really doing abroad. Are we as a nation about to get into bed with a number of Russian bad guys?

We’re just a bunch of suckers, man! We’ve been duped by one of the slickest traveling salesmen of all times. I remember, as a kid, those greasy looking guys who would stop in my dad’s general store and try to sell him all kinds of miracle ointments that would cure hundreds of chronic problems that the human body develops.

Donald Trump, with his ridiculous hair-do and his long, ugly ties and his mysterious eyes, reminds me of those hucksters that wandered up and down the streets of my town selling their phony cure-alls.

Ugly ties and mysterious eyes,
     with hair than nearly all despise
This is the man that tells all these lies
…..that simple sense and logic defies

Will millions vote for him? Suckers! That’s what they are! My old man used the word a lot – suckers. All those people who came to their doors and they believed the slick guy selling them miracle treatments that were nothing but rebottled cough syrup! My old man called them suckers.

What if it had been poison in those bottles, man? What if? What if, slowly but certainly, those miracle syrups would really hollow out and destroy our innards? America's innards?

Suckers, man! Suckers!

America has always been a land with masses of people who are vulnerable to the slick, traveling salesmen – guys who would rob us blind and then leave us behind, laughing all the way to the bank.
Oh, how my old man talked about people “laughing all the way to the bank!”

These guys rob you blind
     and kick your behind!
On our stupidity they yank,
     laughing on the way to the bank
That’s what all this reminds me of. Donald Trump is trying to sell a cure-all and the masses are believing him, not realizing how sick the stuff he’s selling us really is.

In the old west, the traveling salesmen caused so many problems that the sheriff of this town or that would often have them tarred and feathered and run out of town. Too many townspeople bought into what these miserable twits where selling and the people wouldn’t have anything left to spend on their real needs. They were tough on a small town’s economy.

If we buy into what Donald Trump is trying to sell us, we’re going to become a very sick nation. It will probably start with the economy and then it will infect our schools and even our health care system.

These traveling medicine men – these miserable vermin – they count on all of us being a bunch of suckers. They take us for all that we’ve got and then they go laughing all the way to the bank.

I cannot believe how many suckers are following this man around as if was leaking candy and sweet-tarts from his behind – when what he’s really leaking is what a behind is suppose to leak!

America, listen to the rhythm he spews
     and heed this dastardly mixture he stews!
People, stand up to your terrible leanings,
    refusing to take such miserable beanings!
America! America! Wake yourself up from this terrible nightmare we’re in! America, America, the good side of your nature is calling! Do not buy Donald Trump’s terrible, dangerous concoction! He’s trying to sell us poison that looks like tasty candy!

*Image is a photograph of a Normal Rockwell painting: "Selling Ice to the Eskimo" 


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