Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Case Against Mike Pence

Here’s my take on the Republican Debate last night!
by Charlie Leck

Mike Pence could not defend some of the absurdities mumbled lately by Donald Trump, so he didn’t try. He concentrated on his own record and his own abilities. It was a good strategy. Frankly, he looked more presidential than did the constantly interrupting Democratic candidate.

But here’s what the public needs to know about Mike Pence… if you’re a Democrat leaning voter you won’t like what you hear. Some other undecided voters will also likely be disturbed.
  •  Mike Pence has been a constant attacker of Planned Parenthood. This is an organization I support with regular financial donations. They do so much that is right and good and they do it well. Thousands of young women depend on the organization. Pence is dead wrong on this one and I have always been angry about his attacks. As a Congressman he tried to have Planned Parenthood defunded. He doesn’t deserve to be Vice President.
  • Mike Pence was a major supporter of the Iraq War. I’m aware that there were plenty of Democrats who agreed with him, but voters ought to be aware of that. And, when Donald Trump tries to tell you he wasn’t a supporter, don’t believe him because there’s plenty of on-the-record evidence that he was a supporter.
  • Mike Pence is also wrong about LGBT issues. He’s often tried to create road blocks against important LGBT supporting legislation. His “religious liberty” bill will not soon be forgotten.
  • Mike Pence was also terribly wrong about the great auto crisis (2008-2009). People in Ohio and Michigan ought to remember his opposition to the auto rescue legislation while he was in Congress.
·         At a time when America needs bold, big and creative thinkers, Pence is not at all in that category. He reacts more than he leads. He looks to yesteryear rather than ahead.

Voters must remember that Mike Pence is not just a conservative, but he is a man without big, creative ideas for our future. America will not be able to improve by just standing pat. America must keep on keeping on – moving, growing and improving. It will not under the leadership of Trump-Pence.


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