Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump Does Not Understand the American Way!

There are all kinds of reasons not to vote for Donald Trump and here are a few of the important ones!
by Charlie Leck

Here’s the biggest reason (and its ramifications) not to vote for Donald Trump: He doesn’t understand how American democracy works. Dozens of leading political experts were shocked at Trump’s unwillingness to state that he would accept a Hillary Clinton victory if she wins the election that is only a bit more than a week away. It’s unheard of. Accepting such defeats and wishing the victor good success has been a tradition in America for a long, long time.

Instead, Mr.Trump is encouraging chaos and protest if Mrs. Clinton wins! As a result, supporters of Mr. Trump are warning of an American revolution if their candidate loses.

Mr. Trump is also encouraging followers to be at polling sites to watch for phony voters. Government institutions already have poll watchers and a number of ways to check for fraudulent voting. The U.S. voting system protects against fraud and there are only a few small cases of fraudulent voting over the last several decades. Actually, the system discourages undesignated poll watchers because they might intimidate people from entering polling places.

Mr. Trump does not really understand how democracy works and he doesn’t understand that our nation is really a republic more so than a democracy. Trump has had a hard time understanding the sophisticated and subtle differences between the two.

The tactics and off-handed threats that Mr. Trump has been issuing in the last week are both unprecedented and unpresidential.

Final, the continued coziness of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is frightening. Putin has been unquestionably messing in America’s political campaigns and voting procedures. Mr. Trump continues to heap praises on this man who would like nothing more than to see the American way and the American system trashed and ruined. I don’t understand why so many of Mr. Trump’s followers cannot see the danger of this cozy relationship.


I’ll probably write only one more time before Election Day, looking at the likely results of the Democrats regaining control of the Senate; and then one other time after the results of the election are clear. Then I’ll retire again and continue to put my writing skills to work on some private pieces I am trying to publish.


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