Tuesday, October 30, 2007

These Guys are Good, Too!

Readers write!
by Charlie Leck

Jeffrey, from California wrote about my blog that dealt with the generosity of professional golfers. He wanted me to be aware that Tiger's Woods' caddy, Steve Williams, gave one million New Zealand dollars to the Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland. Remember when caddies were guys who drank almost all night but got themselves sobered up enough during the day to lug a bag around the course in order to get a few bucks that they could spend on drinks that night? The day of the professional caddy is upon us and some of these guys really make the big bucks. So, the players are indeed good, but so are their caddies. Thanks Jeffrey!

Marv, from Massachusetts, also wanted to comment about the blog. He thought I should have mentioned that the First Tee Program is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

"I enjoy supporting the First Tee program both by contributing money and by volunteering. I hope people understand that the program is about more than teaching golf. We believe the program has to do with teaching life skills and setting behavior standards. We're teaching good decision making and the importance of honesty and cooperation in everything that one does."

Congratulations to the First Tee organization and to you too, Marv, for your involvement in it.

We also heard from the President of Homes for our Troops. He wanted to thank us for mentioning that organization in our blog about the Good Guys.

Knowing that so many people are reading the blog keeps me going. I have an important new piece about Classical Conservatism that is almost ready to be posted.

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