Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Dirt Throwing has begun Already

One day after the primary, the GOP attacks Mark Dayton with a cheap and low-down TV ad!
by Charlie Leck

We were allowed to see – very clearly – just what the Minnesota Republicans have got in mind for the upcoming gubernatorial campaign. It’s called “down and dirty.”

However, it’s not like I didn’t see it coming. I did not vote for the winner of Tuesday’s Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) primary just because I knew they could nail him with plenty of crappy televisions ads. Well, on Wednesday, the GOP already came with one of them and it was pretty grubby.

Just a couple of days before, Tom Emmer, the Republican candidate was calling for a clean campaign that would be based on the issues. Well, Mr. Emmer, you threw that right out the window and revealed to us the tone and tenor of what your up-coming campaign will be. Now we’ll need to convince Mark Dayton to fight back.

I hope Dayton can be convinced to talk about your driving record, your votes on Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) issues, your votes on the needs of our schools, on basic human rights and on issues that favored trial lawyers (your buddies).

I also hope that your neighbors out there in the western part of the Twin Cities will be willing to speak up about you and talk about the way you mistreat them.

I’ve never been an advocate for “dirty” campaigning. I’d much rather see the election decided on the issues, but the current Republican Party cannot be trusted to do that.

We know clearly what wing of the party you belong to, Mr. Emmer. You’re right in there with the Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman element. We’re going to make sure folks know about that, sir, because we don’t believe the real people of Minnesota buy into that cheap line of tricks.

Out in Montana on Tuesday, we saw a Congressional candidate that Palin endorsed taking a beating. Raul Labrador won the Republican nomination even against a significant financial disadvantage and Palin’s endorsement of his opponent. Tom Emmer is endorsed by Palin and I hope Minnesotans will look at that endorsement with some nervousness. We can’t sink to those kind of politics and government policies in Minnesota.


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