Friday, August 27, 2010

Visitors from France

Helen, one of the spectacular Nobile children we had
visiting with us for a couple of weeks.

Why do the French seem so beautiful?
by Charlie Leck

Why are the French so beautiful? I suppose it begins with their language. It's so gentle and smooth and hypnotic. Then, of course, their food is also gentle and smooth. I guess it's also hypnotic.

We had visitors from France this summer. They stayed a couple of weeks. They were most interested in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Surprised? Of course not!

We were conscious of our diets while they were here. We were cautious about what we put out for dinner. We ate fresher and healthier foods. We had some nice wines around. We left the TV off as much as possible. We took some time during each day to do some drawing -- even if we weren't good at it -- just for the fun of looking at something so carefully. It was quite nice.

We did take them to a Twins' baseball game because we had already planned to go ourselves. They found it interesting and funny! I took the kids to Valley Fair (an amusement park not too far from here) and they loved it and had an exciting time. When they got home they worked at acting blasé about the whole experience.

They liked the civility of Minneapolis and they were impressed with how educated most of the people seemed -- and how important the theatre is to us here -- and how good the restaurants seem to be. They also liked our farm and all the animals and the big woods that surrounds our house.

Doesn't it all say something? Have you traveled in Provence? Normandy? Paris? What gentle, smooth and hypnotic places!

The mother, Lorence, had always a happy and bright look about her.

Andre was prepared to joke and play around with anyone.

Patti, the father, artist and philosopher loves his children immensely.

Armond came to America seeking adventure and excitement.


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