Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Serious about Target

My wife didn’t think I was serious about boycotting Target, but I am!
by Charlie Leck

Want to read some intriguing stuff about Target’s CEO, Gregg Steinhafel? If so, go to this blog posted on 9 August 2010 at The AWL. It’s terribly interesting reading and may give you some insight into the kind of person Steinhafel is and why he might support a nut-case like Tom Emmer.

Abe Sauer put together the following list about Tom Emmer, GOP candidate for Governor in Minnesota:

  • Authored a bill saying Minnesotans "had no constitutional right to abortion."
  • Co-authored a bill required Minnesota students to learn about the "free-market economic" "world view of America's founders" and "American or Minnesota state history or heritage based on religious references."
  • Defines marriage as "the union between one man and one woman"
  • Wouldn't require pharmacists to fill prescriptions for contraceptives

This whole constitutional amendment business, which would declare Minnesotans "sovereign individuals" and require a two-thirds majority in the state legislature to put federal laws into effect. (Last time someone tried something like this, we had a war.)

Well, this is not the end of it folks. Steinhafel, according to Gay Rights, has also personally contributed the maximum allowed to a Minnesotan even whackier than Tom Emmer – the one and only Representative Michele Bachmann.

Folks, don’t shop at Target!
Find some small businessman and spend your money with him. Let’s make Target feel the pain by boycotting their stores.


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