Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan on My Mind

What can one say that would be worthy? I weep for you Japan!
by Charlie Leck

I can’t yet look Japan in the eye! Not yet. What could anyone write about it? The devastation is overwhelming and I don’t believe we’ve yet seen how gruesome it is. They are saying that more than 10,000 have perished. How many more than that? What is yet to come?

What can one do but consider how tiny is the speck we are in the mightiness of the universe and its mysteries? So many parts of existence are out of our control. We must, must, must do better with that which we might control.

“The photographs!” My wife points to them, but her voice breaks and she cannot say much more. There was something else -- very hushed -- but I don't want to pursue it.

I find it difficult to look at the photographs or to read the stories. I seldom get beyond the first line or two.

One, on the other side of the globe, feels so helpless. I'm left only to consider those I love and, of course, my thoughts turn to the grandchildren.

"Be kind, I beg you!"

I've uttered those words to you before, but in such a moment of global sadness it seems it is all I can find to say now. You need to figure out how to apply that advice.

My good Christian and Islamic friends are upon their knees because it is all they can do right now. It is the only power they have; however, they believe it is a mighty one.

The weeping that I do inside -- within my inner being and soul -- is my prayer. It sways between outrage and confusion.

"Oh, how mighty are thou and how mighty are thy deeds!"

How infinitesimally small are we within the universe!


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