Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Pres Got it Right in Libya

I'm on vacation and trying not to watch too much of this stuff, but I have to laugh at some politicians who are just nuts!
by Charlie Leck

Jerks like Senators Joe Liebermann and John McCain have been criticizing the President for being way too slow in getting us involved in Libya. They're a couple of hair-trigger cowboys and I'm glad neither ever made it to the oval office. Cry-baby House Speaker Boehner is also kind of whacko on this issue. He's also criticizing the President, claiming the mission for our involvement in Libya is not clearly stated and he also thinks we were late to get in there.

In fact, our President did a masterful job on this one. First he made sure that he built a solid coalition of nations to do the job (and its not the flimsy/phony coalition that George W claimed to have put together before our invasion of Iraq). Obama was smart to make sure the French flew the first sortie against the dictator of Libya. Other nations are very solid behind the Obama plan and the United Nations resolution.

President Obama showed real toughness on this issue. He let concerned nations know that we weren't going in unless they fully shared in this mission.

I've been tough on you, Mr. President, but you got this one just right!

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