Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stan Fish Gets it Right on Wisconsin

What happened in Wisconsin really had me thinking. The whole thing smelled real bad and it got me sick!
by Charlie Leck

I'm on vacation, but I'm keeping up on my reading and, as I regularly do, I've been reading the NY Times. I came across Stanley Fish's latest piece about Wisconsin and its teachers' unions.

This is the best piece I've read to counter what recently happened to teachers' unions in Wisconsin. There's lots of reasons I'm angry at the Wisconsin Governor (not least among those reasons is his relationship with the horrid Koch brothers), but I'm not going there today -- not enough time while I'm down here in Mobile trying to relax on a little golfing vacation.

If you're shaky on the issues in Wisconsin, I urge you to read this piece by one of my favorite columnists (opinionators). Here's just a little taste of what he's saying in that column...
"Governor Walker of Wisconsin cites budgetary woes as the reason for taking away the bargaining rights of public sector unions, but everyone knows that his real reason is to reduce union membership (why join and pay dues if there is no longer any strength in numbers?) and thus dry up support that would have gone largely to Democratic candidates. Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (shouldn't there be a patent on names?) makes it official: 'If we win this battle and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions... President Obama is going to have a... much more difficult time getting elected.'"

Hope you take the time to read the whole piece!

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