Monday, March 10, 2014

Hawk McCain

U.S. Senator John McCain (AZ) has been one of Barack Obama chief critics in recent days. The old military man isn't (wasn’t) happy with the way the President handled Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria or Russia (in the Croatian/Ukraine affair). What if we had done it the McCain way?
by Charlie Leck
It is well known that we spent more than three trillion dollars on our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That almost broke the bank and did cause our economy to nearly breakdown. These are two military skirmishes we could have done without.
The policies and programs of President Barack Obama pulled our nation back from the brink of financial disaster. We could have had an even faster and fuller recovery had the President had a loyal opposition party that would have been a bit more cooperative. History will show that President Obama handled quite well the 2008 crash that occurred while George W. Bush was president, even without the cooperation of the loyal opposition.
Now, what if the nation had followed Senator McCain’s advice on all these international skirmishes? We would have sunk deeper into debt and we’d be up to our necks in diplomatic and military problems. The President, thank goodness, chose to go a different route and try diplomacy to deal with these problems – and to talk other allied nations into taking some of the weight of responsibility off our backs.
In the 2008 election the nation chose Barack Obama over John McCain. It was a wise choice. In 2012 we chose Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. It is also proving to be a wise choice. Mr. Romney would, I think, have been very quick to follow the advice and bullying of Senator McCain. Thank goodness President Obama has stood up to the old Senator from Arizona.


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