Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Koch Brothers Seek to Control 2014 Election

The environment suffers and the Koch Brothers grow richer if these brothers get their way in this year’s elections!
by Charlie Leck
I can’t imagine that there are too many things more important in America than our environment. Oh, yes, peace, justice, righteousness, freedom of religion, the right to a good education, our personal liberty and, of course, the right to own guns! These latter ideals often come down to debates in the arena of the mind. However, that without which there is nothing (sine qua non) is our environment. Yet, Americans take the all-out attack on, and abuse of, our environment so casually and lightly (oh, hum)!
The mega-wealthy Koch Brothers, however, continue a campaign that attempts to convince us that no harm is being done to the environment by the large polluting industries they own, nor by such industries owned by others. So blatantly they lie about their own mistreatment of the environment and so destructively they lie about those who disagree with them, that they actually get many unsuspecting Americans to agree with them.
As an ordinary citizen of an ordinary town in America, I often wring my hands and heart in agony over the abuse industry is causing in our nation and what serious environmental problems we are going to leave for my grandchildren and their children.
And all the while, the average citizen in the nation buys into the great lie of the Koch Brothers, and their fellow industrialists, that no harm is being done to the world’s environment.
Who can wake us up? How can we be awakened?
There are those who try, but the opponents of environmental truth are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to defeat truth and to elect politicians who will kowtow to them and oppose the kind of reforms that give the environment some kind of protection.
For instance, the Koch Brothers and fellows like them are spending massive amounts of money on the coming election this year to defeat any and all significant political leaders who try to defend the environment and fight the industrial abuse of the air we breathe and the water we drink. The anti-environmentalists are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on campaigns this fall in Alaska, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire and North Carolina. The advertisements funded by money from the Koch Brothers and others are always misleading and often they are downright lies. To the Koch Brothers, this is not a campaign; it is a crusade to protect their industry and their wealth.
Here’s the concluding paragraph from an editorial in today’s (11 March 2014) New York Times.
“What the Kochs want — and polls show they have a strong chance of getting it — is a Senate led by Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, now the minority leader, who promises in his latest campaign ad to ‘be the leader of the forces that take on the war on coal,’ the most polluting power-plant fuel. Nothing could be better for the owners of Koch Carbon, and they are willing to spend whatever it takes to make it happen. But they are finally encountering some resistance.”
Why do Americans forget that we have the power and ability to stop such selfish abuse of our environment? The vote is a powerful weapon and average Americans must use it to stop such abuse of the environment and such selfish grabs of wealth by such extraordinarily rich and uncaring people. If you give a few bucks to the campaign to stop the Koch Brothers’ power-grab, you can do wonders toward protecting this environment that is so important to us and to future generations. One way of doing this is to give to the campaign that the Democrat Senatorial Election Committee has set up to fight the big money of the Koch Brothers. (You can do that by going to here to read about the abusive power of the Koch Brothers and their election campaigns.)


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  1. I've been reading "The Bully Pulpit". The same conversation was going on in 1900. Amazing,big money never gives up.