Sunday, May 4, 2008

It’s Spring! It’s Spring!

That merry month of May!
by Charlie Leck

I think spring will finally arrive today. It’s been pretty hellish here – one day in the seventies to tease us and then four in the low forties and lower, with snow and slush, to remind us we are from Minnesota and not Georgia. However, today it arrives. It will be lovely and sunny and mildly warm. Nothing like spring! Then, in a few days, summer will arrive with its humidity and mosquitoes and we’ll await the splendor of autumn. There is nothing quite like living in Minnesota. Nothing!

It’s a short blog today, but I’m about to turn to the Sunday papers. I want to finish them early so I can get out and enjoy spring and swing the golf clubs a little. Then, children are coming for dinner tonight and they’ve asked me to do a Mark Bittman dinner. I’ll sauté some shrimp and scallops with a nice flavoring of fermented Asian black beans in the oil. A nice, fresh salad and some good bread and that should do the trick.

The Old Scout, by Garrison Keillor, was enjoyable this morning. I went a couple of weeks without recommending him to you, so you should be ready for another quotation from today’s column.

These were my fellow Minnesotans in line and we are docile in April, at the end of our long winter. On Sunday the 20th of April, temperatures were in the seventies and the crocuses were about to bloom, and then on Friday the 25th, a half-inch of snow fell. People didn't talk about it. There it was, plain as the nose on your face, but it was just too awful to discuss. It was like your old husband getting blitzed at your parents' 50th anniversary and trying to get everyone to sing "All You Need Is Love." It's like your child announcing that she's written a memoir called "Spirals of Shame." Don't talk about it. Move on. Change the channel. Talk about your tomato plants and your good children, the ones who do not write memoirs, who don't remember the terrible things you did to them, they just remember your birthday and when it comes time, they will pick out a wonderful nursing home for you. Breakfast is from 7 to 10 and they serve nice omelets and all the coffee you can drink.”

I’ll catch you up on the papers tomorrow! There are some good blogs out there, waiting for me to read them.

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