Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wendy and Arne Speak with One Voice

How delightful to hear political unity from two wonderful Governors of different parties!
by Charlie Leck

What a delightful day! I popped open the morning paper and went immediately to the Opinion Page, as I always do, and saw the column immediately. My coffee tasted better than it has in months. I drank slowly and read the column with such pleasure. [The State We Love Needs Our Protection]

Wendy Anderson and Arne Carlson were two of my favorite governors in the years that I have lived here. I had the fortunate opportunity to engage in significant personal conversation with each of them – with Wendy back in the days when I served on the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party and with Arne over a period of years from 1967 through about 1975 when I was a rather close personal friend. They are both good and thoughtful gentlemen. What marked both of their terms of administration was the recognition that the good of the state always comes before the good of a political party.

How refreshing! I’ve not witnessed much of this kind of thinking lately – by leaders of either party.Thank you to these good men.To them I say that I hope we will hear more from you. Your unified statements on many other issues would be appreciated. What shall we do to restore our public education system? How shall we deal with improving our crumbling infrastructure? How can we build a modern, exciting and efficient transportation system? How can we regain our position as one of the most respected and admired states in the nation?

Get together more Mr. Governors! Please! Speak in a unified voice and give us the leadership we are so desperately lacking. This is too good an idea to let your voices fade away. Keep speaking!As for this particular issue, about which you wrote in today’s paper, I will support you advice to vote for the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment with all my might and I will urge everyone to vote for it.

“Minnesota is a state that the two of us have been proud to represent and serve for nearly five decades. The Minnesota we fought to protect through our public service is slipping away, but now we have a chance to protect it by voting for the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment.” [Wendell Anderson and Arne Carlson, former governors of the State of Minnesota]
My goodness, it is going to be a wonderful day!

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