Thursday, May 15, 2008

Man the Life Boats

Edwards Joins Obama Team
While Republicans begin abandoning
the sinking ship, George W. Bush
by Charlie Leck

The Endorsement by Jon Edwards is a good thing; it was so good it reminded me why John Edwards was my first choice as the candidate in this race. I hope you heard the speech. If Elizabeth would endorse Obama it would mean even more than Mr. Edward's pledge – believe me! I don't think she'll do it. Senator Obama's commitment to National Health Care is not strong enough for her.

Over on the Republican side, party officials are telling congressional candidates to distance themselves from President Bush. My! Bush's approval rating is below 20 percent and it is likely to go lower as the economy continues to falter – food prices and gas prices are still rising.

These congresspersons have been so linked at the hip with George W. Bush that I just don't know how they can now actually distance themselves from him. They've given him everything he's asked for and they've taken sides with him on every appointment and every single issue that came before them in Congress during the last eight years.

What caused the sudden call to "abandon ship?"

A week ago, Wednesday, Travis Childers, a Mississippi Democrat, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a strong-hold Republican district. That defeat, along with two other significant Democratic victories in special Congressional races this year, spell trouble for the Grand Old Party.

The Republican strategy had been to link Childers as closely to Obama as they could. Now this victory raises questions about the efficacy of that line of attack.

You've clearly seen the game plan at work in the McCain camp. He is trying to distance himself on every issue possible, except for the war of course. His terribly staged and rehearsed speech in New Orleans, pledging that no such inefficient response to a national tragedy would happen under his watch, was like the cathedral bell tolling out the death of Bush's influence over the Elephant's work.

"They are canaries in the coal mine, warning of far greater losses in the fall, if steps are not taken to remedy the current climate… The political atmosphere facing House Republicans this November is the worst since Watergate and is far more toxic than it was in 2006." [Tom Davis, Republican member of the House from Virginia]

John McCain is suddenly an environmentalist! He's come out as a fighter against global warming. It's nice to have him on the team, but it sure took him a long time to join up. President Bush, he said, was wrong to avoid the truth about the warming of the planet for so long.

Representative Marsha Blackburn (Republican) of Tennessee said that her party needs to prove it is listening to the American people. Duh! Are you listening on the war, Congresswoman? Are you listening on national health care, Madam? Are you listening on rebuilding the American infrastructure? How about on taxing the wealthy more fairly and equally? You may convince us you're listening, but you won't convince us that you'll do anything about it. It will only be the same old same old.

How internationally weak our military is!
There's been talk about the world forcing its way into Mayanmar, to deliver assistance to the stricken cyclone victims. Naturally, the world would normally look to us to lead the way. Our military is already overstretched and we'd be incapable of providing the assistance. Way to go, George W.

Robert Rauschenberg
One of my favorite contemporary artists has died. I can't pass the day without making mention of him. I loved his ability to mix classical realism with modern abstract expression. Take a look at some of his things at this New York Times slide show.



  1. Marsha Blackburn is my congressman and she is Not Conservative.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mickey. Nowhere do I say that Ms. Blackburn is a conservative. Such labels really become "an eye of the beholder" kind of thing, anyway. She's a Republican. She's voted with George W. Bush on most issues and often she's flown in the face of common sense in casting such votes.
    Charlie Leck