Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swiftboating Barack Obama

The party on the right will stoop to many dirty tricks in this year’s election!
by Charlie Leck

A few weeks ago, in one of my blogs, I guaranteed you that Barack Obama would be swiftboated – a new verb in the American lexicon thanks to the 2004 presidential elections. If you wish, read that earlier blog.

The big mistake that John Kerry made in 2004, according to the 20-20 hindsight pundits, is that he didn’t retaliate and attack his attackers as scoundrels, liars and political cheats. Kerry should have put them on the absolute defensive and exposed them for what they were.

Now the same kind of mud-slinging, lying attacks have begun on Obama. It will be interesting to see how he responds to them. The most awful so far can be seen on this video. It may send you running to the bathroom, to puke, but I urge you to view it anyway. Then take a look at SNOPES and its debunking of the lies in the video.

The ultra-right wing of the Republican Party is a very dirty, cheap and loathsome group of people. Though they claim to be devoted to Christ, they’re hearts are filled with hatred.

All of us who support Obama and are anxious to see him elected must make sure the people we know, who are likely to believe this stuff, get the real facts about each of these lying liars. We’ll have to keep checking in at web sites like SNOPES and others, like TRUTH OR FICTION.

The 2004 election was extremely close. John Kerry appeared to be the winner when Ohio exit polls showed him to be carrying Ohio in a big way. It was a shocker, and somewhat mysterious, to later find that he lost the state. Many political scientists say the swiftboat lies were enough to tip Ohio over to George W. Bush.

That is not the way we want our system to work. Each of us has to play a part in condemning the lies and liars who tell them in this year’s election.

We wish the press would be more vigilant in attacking these liars and exposing their low-down tricks, but we can’t count on that. Some of the press, like FOX, will actually encourage such behavior.

The Democratic Party ought to have a monitor in charge of listening to or reading these notorious loud-mouths, who will say anything to encourage a Republican victory. Guys like Rush Limbaugh should be carefully monitored each day and the American people should be alerted about every lie he tells.

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