Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Cheered and Cheered for these Republicans

These three guys are Republicans the way they were meant to be!
by Charlie Leck

I’ve written here often about the old, grand and glorious days of the Grand Old Party – the Republican Party when it was honorable and devoted to fair and clean campaigning, and to debating on the issues themselves and not on matters of character.

Well, yesterday, while driving along in my car, I listened to three of the finest Republicans that Minnesota has ever known, speaking about the state of politics today and how they would attack the current, desperate problems of our nation.

I had to pull the car over and completely stop, because I found myself clapping and cheering. Their speeches were incredible. Oh what I’d give to have Republicans like these guys again. Would that ever make politics and campaigns fun again? If guys like this beat you, you didn’t get maudlin and down-beat about it. You knew they were worthy and they would serve with fairness and distinction.

If you want to hear fine Republicans – who call themselves Progressive Republicans, talk about politics the way it ought to work, please go to the Minnesota Public Radio web site and listen to their brilliant speeches. You won’t be sorry.

Come on back, y’all hear?

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