Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Must there be More Wars?

John McCain says, unequivocally, “There will be more wars!”
by Charlie Leck

Those of you who want Senator Obama to be President ought to be thinking carefully about everything you, as one person, can do to make it happen.

I tremble for our nation when I think that John McCain might be its President. I tremble because he believes completely that there will be more wars.

Are there no more peace-makers – those who are blessed because they are peace makers? Is there no more belief in peace? Have we given up on giving peace a chance?

Go! Go, and listen to Scott Ritter’s words about what is down this path of war for America – for one particular, unknown, city in America. His words have the ring of truth and they are frightening. I think they will make you say: “Barack Obama must be the next President of the United States! For the sake of our children and grandchildren, Barack Obama must be elected in November and each of us must do our part. We must.”

Go! Go and listen to what lies in the future if John McCain is elected President.

I need not pen a single additional word. Go and watch and listen.

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