Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Significant Minnesota Business Leaders Support Obama

Will more business leaders come out for Obama?
by Charlie Leck

This week, four well-know community business leaders came out with endorsements of Barack Obama’s efforts to become President. I think there are others who will soon follow. They are aware that Obama will raise taxes on businesses, but they also know Obama will stimulate the economy, get people working again, reduce the national debt and generally benefit business.

Robert Pohlad, Chairman and CEO of PepiAmericas, Inc. and President of Pohlad Cos.
Ed Phillips, Chairman and CEO of Phillips Beverage Company
Robert Ryan, retired vice president and CFO of Medtronic
Lois Quam, Managing Director of Alternative Investments at Piper Jaffray
The endorsements were announced at a press conference at the Minnesota State Capitol on 9 September 2008. Read the full story in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

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