Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bill Moyers

My most important recommendation to you!
by Charlie Leck

Bill Moyers is d’man, you know! Reading his entries at Bill Moyers Journal is one of my absolute must-do items. I’m rather religious about it and I guess I’d send you there regularly if I had to limit my recommendations to you to just one habitual reading item. The posting on the day following Thanksgiving, about Doctor Jane Goodall, was nothing short of wondrous. [click here to read] Moyers presents his reader with an enormous amount of information about Doctor Goodall and links us to even more information about her and her life.

Jane Goodall is a hero to many. And, that’s good! If my children and grandchildren need to choose heroes in their lives, I’d rather they choose someone like Doctor Goodall than a sports figure or rock star. Her contributions to the planet are astonishing.

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