Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Many Golden Days

A marriage of 50 years is not a common, ordinary achievement!
by Charlie Leck

My brother, John, and his wife, Mary Jane, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. My, oh my! Though we can't be with them in Florida for the big day, I send along these words of love and congratulation.

Dearest brother and lovely Mary Jane, Anne and I want you to know that we will be thinking of you on this immense day of celebration and jubilation. Your incredible achievement does not go unnoticed by us, but, quite the contrary, is an absolute wonder that is regularly on our minds. To reach the fifty year mark in a marriage is not an ordinary or common thing. That you have done this is to be celebrated in great earnestness and you both are to be congratulated in an extraordinary manner – especially you, dear Mary Jane, for managing to put up with a Leck boy with such graciousness and so tenderly (it proves you are a remarkable actress among your other so admirable traits).

Fifty years! My goodness. It does not seem so. How quickly the days have slid by. How many times does that mean the sun has raced across the sky, from Atlantic to Pacific, within the seasons of your marriage? Though you may not want to hear the number, it has happened 18,263 times (including leap years). Among those thousands of times were many stunning risings of the bright, golden globe in our East and as many settings in the West more splendid than the world’s finest artists could ever capture on a canvass. Golden mornings! Golden evenings! Through all of them, your love for each other has endured the natural tests to which every single marriage is and must be put; and you have not only survived them all, but you have passed each trial with such grace that you have set a wondrous example for your children, grandchildren and for all of us who know and love you.

And now, on this Golden day of celebration, we congratulate you with hoorahs and ovations of joy and happiness and pray that there will be many more golden risings and settings of the sun for you to enjoy together in love. And, as part of this celebration we send out our love to you both – forever!

Anne and Charlie
I hope their day with family and friends is an extraordinary one, indeed!

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