Monday, December 7, 2009

What Should I Write About?

How I choose a subject about which to write!
by Charlie Leck

I have built up a rather regular, repeating group of readers over the last few years that I have been posting this blog. From looking at the statistics gathered by the tracking program I use, I estimate that the steady number of readers is about 5,000 habitual, frequent visitors. Sometimes my blog subjects confound many of these readers.

“How do you go from predicting and analyzing Barack Obama’s decision on troops for Afghanistan to writing about your Grandfather, or to giving digital photography tips?”

No reasonable, sensible answer to that question is on the tip of my tongue. I do not write a strictly political blog – nor a strictly personal one. I can only stutter out the explanation that I write. I am on a rocket-ship journey to the stars and there are an amazingly large number of items on my mind, begging me to put them down on paper.

I write in the morning. I write entries for my blog and I write other essays that get filed away to be redrafted someday. I simply write because I love to write.

“I enjoy your blogs about your inner-feelings and long-held memories. Do more of that!”

How nice! Yet, I cannot promise. Sometimes my rage about the stupidity of these animals called “people” is so great that I must write about such foolhardiness. The absurdity of people like Hannity, Limbaugh, Dobbs, Beck and O’Reilly stirs up my juices so violently that I have a difficult time not writing about their illogical and misinformed rants. Then there are times when I just force myself not to listen to them or read about them, just so I can work on essays about more mellow items.

In the end, I can't ever promise you what you will find on a given day when you come to visit my blog. Many of my readers come here precisely because of this! It’s like the great grab-bag of reading.

Simply, you get what you get!

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