Friday, December 4, 2009

What if we don't pass health care reform?

The damage we'll do to the economy if we don't reform our health care system!
by Charlie Leck

Paul Krugman is an outstanding columnist (opinionator) who writes for the NY Times. Believe me, he is not a wild-eyed liberal. He's a strong centrist. I like him because his track record is so unbelievably positive. In other words, he ends up being correct on most issues. In today's column he writes about what is going to happen in our nation if health care reform is not passed. If we think passing Obama's health care reform package will be expensive, we should figure out how expensive it will be if we keep going the way we are.

"Health care reform hangs in the balance. Its fate rests with a handful of “centrist” senators — senators who claim to be mainly worried about whether the proposed legislation is fiscally responsible.

"But if they’re really concerned with fiscal responsibility, they shouldn’t be worried about what would happen if health reform passes. They should, instead, be worried about what would happen if it doesn’t pass. For America can’t get control of its budget without controlling health care costs — and this is our last, best chance to
deal with these costs in a rational way."
I strongly recommend Krugman's column about this subject to you. It is extremely important reading. [click here to read it]

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