Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Looking at Oneself

In these late years I am trying to do an accounting, an evaluation of myself and my life. Is that unusual?
by Charlie Leck

One friend read my blog about my Bohemian grandmother and understood. A number of other readers didn't get it.


"Because I'm getting accustomed to your writing style, often I take the rhythm and depth of your words for granted... and, at first, I did that today... but you finally broke through the rocks in my head, and I started hearing what you were saying and what you were feeling... I think I understand the gifts you shared with grandma... what you gave to each other...

"Your ability to paint that kind of picture is special... you're not an ordinary writer... and certainly not an ordinary man...


Thanks, my friend. And forgive me if I continue to try to look deeply at myself from time to time.

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