Monday, January 4, 2010

Coincidence? Maybe! Maybe Not!

Photo by Bill Casey

I count it as something other than coincidence. It's a matter of the higher spirits, I think!
by Charlie Leck

Fred's email came only and exactly two minutes before Bill's. They're both really witty guys, both very bright and both foodies. I always look forward to their emails.

Quite a coincidence! Not that the emails came at nearly the same moment -- time stamped two minutes apart on Sunday. No! The coincidence was that the subject was very much the same.

"Me and the homies has a glorius [sic] new year dinner today, featuring lamb chops, garlic mashers, fresh peas, salad and apple crisp. We toasted the new year and the farmers responsible for dinner. It couldn't have been better."

Sounds great to me. Too bad he had to add that they enjoyed the dinner with a "box" of wine. Yuk!

I had taken the lamb chops down to Fred when I flew to Denver to visit with him a couple of months ago. It was frozen and packed in a small thermos bag and went right into his freezer.

About the same time as my trip to Denver, I gave a frozen rack of lamb to my friend, Bill. Strange that they each ate their lamb on the same evening and emailed me about it only moments apart.

"Betty cooked up the Leck Brand rack of lamb this evening," Bill wrote. "Big success! Thank you for the gift. Delicious and tender." Bill took a snapshot of their rack and attached it to his email (see above).

Pretty good coincidence. The amazing thing is that we dined on a leg of lamb last evening (Sunday) as well.

Now you might see all of this as pretty ordinary. In fact, I think some higher spirits were at work Sunday, moving us all in the same direction. On Fred's next visit to Minnesota, I'll gather Betty and Bill out here and we'll all enjoy a lamb feast -- a little rack -- a little loin -- and a little leg. Corn on the cob! Real wine that comes out of a corked bottle, with a French name that's difficult to pronounce! Fred's home-made apple crisp. Maybe some Compari for Bill.

If you're interested in finding out more about lamb from Sheepy Hollow, go to our farm web page. The feed for our lamb -- all of it -- is raised right here on our farm -- the hay, the oats and the corn. We control everything they eat and that, believe me, is what makes the difference in this extraordinary product.

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  1. please note that in honor of the glorius (sic) lamb, i bought a $22 box of pinot grigeo, not the usual $9 box...snob!