Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Glimpse inside the Great Secret Agency

This New York Times story allows you to peek inside one CIA operation to see how the top secret agency works.
by Charlie Leck

This is a reading recommendation!

I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued with the workings of the CIA. It’s why I sometimes find the writings of guys like Daniel Silva and Vince Flynn compelling. So, when I saw this story in today’s New York Times about the attack on a CIA operation in a mountainous region of Afghanistan, I jumped on the opportunity to read it.

What was going on there? What was the mission? Who were the people carrying it out? Who were the people killed?

“What emerges is a rare public glimpse of a closed society, a peek into one sliver of the spy agency as it operates more than eight years after the C.I.A. was pushed to the front lines of war.” [from New York Times story by Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Mark Mazzetti, 6 Jan 2010]
It’s really fascinating stuff. I recommend the story to you – just click on the link above!

The work the small group was doing in Afghanistan looked hopeful, but has now been squashed by the very people it was trying to bring down.

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